TRANSpofix - Innovative Transportationsystems

As a modern, medium-sized company, we offer you the development and production of innovative transportationsystems from a single source. Come on in and be prepared to be impressed by the diversity of our product range.

The commercial management, the construction and development department, the construction workshop (small batches and prototyping) and our state-of-the-art plastic production are located at our headquarters in Erasbach. Series production of developed transportationsystems is carried out by our partner companies in Eastern Europe.

Our construction and development department works with state-of-the-art CAD, AutoCAD, NX and CATIA V5 programs. New transport systems are conceived by means of simultaneous engineering.

Innovation, flexibility and optimum utilisation of transport capacity are not merely empty slogans at TRANSpofix.

As early as 1994, TRANSpofix GmbH was awarded the German Federal award for innovative technology.

Our customers have faith in our know-how and solution, even in the most complicated of matters.

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Foundation of the company Hergeth in Rosenheim with the initial specialization on complex engine components for MTU and Rolls-Royce. Due to a specific situation, Willibald Hergeth started to develop a special, returnable packaging for some of the engine components they were manufacturing. The customer declared this revolutionary innovation as the norm which is worldwide still in use. This innovation encourages important impulses for the aviation and automotive industry and lays the foundation of TRANSpofix.


Foundation of the company TRANSpofix Herstellungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH. The company’s objective is to develop and manufacture modern transportation and packaging elements.


The company employs three people.


The concern sets up its own sales channels and moves to the countryside of Berching. TRANSpofix reconstructs its buildings and expands to meet its commercial needs.


TRANSpofix receives the German Federal Innovation Prize for Craft and Trade by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Günter Rexroth, for changing the one-way into returnable packing systems.


The annual turnover of the company reaches 1.25 million Euro.


Now ten people are employed and new relationships with renowned automotive manufacturers were made.


TRANSpofix develops a completely new separating layer for horse riding grounds, and begins a successful marketing campaign while the development phase is still ongoing.


A 3,500 sqm factory has been constructed on an extensive area at the Industriepark Erasbach.


TRANSpofix expands its philosophy in a revolutionary way and starts to offer special container planning services for the first time. BMW AG commissions TRANSpofix for its derivative R56.


Continuation of Equestrian Technology as an external company. Which was in charge of flooring the Olympic horse riding grounds, e.g. Atlanta, Athen, London. Even numerous World and European Championships have already been supplied. Enlargement of the factory site in Erasbach and the number of employees increases to 27 while the company’s turnover reaches 14 million euro.


Magna Steyr AG & Co KG in Graz commissioned TRANSpofix for its product-line L3 Mini R60. The order volume comprises 1 million euro with a term of 2.5 years.


The company's business strategy changes. The Erasbach plant becomes the headquarters for development and sales.  TRANSpofix establishes itself as a developer and manufacturer of intelligent packaging modules for the automotive and aviation industry. Numerous innovations lead to a competitive advantage.


Effective implementation of the new strategy and a renewed turnover increase to 20 million euro.


Due to the already gained container planning experience in the Mini R56 and R60 projects, H&H Industrie-, Beratungs- und Planungs GmbH has been founded by Willibald Hergeth and Jürgen Heckner. The company is aiming to offer the complete planning and realization of containers from a single source.


Enlargement of the company’s factory site and construction of a new warehouse. Renewed increase in turnover to 27 million euro. Acquisition of shares and expansion of TRANSpofix Rypin. Starting the development of the Equo-Therm bioenergy plant.


The number of employees in Germany reaches 39.  TRANSpofix builds a new production facility in Erasbach with a total investment of 2 million euro.
Objective: Repatriation of efficient processes from abroad back to Germany. The company’s emphasis is on container modification and reengineering.


Due to its strategic and market-driven approach, H&H has achieved a rapid growth. For the first time, its turnover amounts 2.5 million euro. The total group turnover of TRANSpofix comprises 36.8 million euro. In this year, TRANSpofix creates two additional engineering jobs and extends its commercial department. Furthermore, the company integrates its Austrian subcompany LogiPlan as well as Gut Eichelwang, a riding facility exhibition, as the marketing centre for riding grounds and the Equo-Term bioenergy plant to the group. Moreover, the company extends the Equestrian Technology and opens the East European market successfully with Equo-Flex & Event-Grip.


Acquisition of an adjoining property of nearly 12,000 sqm in Erasbach to build a new production hall. The aim is to increase the effectivity of the reengineering technology which TRANSpofix has established on the market. The investment volume comprises 1.5 million euro. For the first time, TRANSpofix presents the Equo-Term bioenergy plant in public and media. Production and sales are planned to start after the successful testing phase in 2016. H&H, Equestrian Technology as well as environmental technologies have been outsourced to individual companies. With regard to its products, TRANSpofix expects a reinforcement of resources and independence in the market niche which the company has discovered in 1989.  Due to that, TRANSpofix is still able to act as a strong market leader and to strengthen its position.


TRANSpofix counts 56 employees in its German plant and extends the production hall with an overall investment volume of 3 million euro. The company’s turnover amounts to 31,9 million euro in 2016.


The objectives for this year are the enlargement of the main office building as well as the organizational streamlining.