Universal gearbox frame

TRANSpofixdeveloped this multi-flexible load carrier especially for overseas transport. It transports 6 gearboxes on 2 levels.

The load carrier was designed as a multi-placement load carrier. The elastic plastic fixings around the oil pan hold up to 10 different types of gearbox. The retaining clamp system specially developed for this balances out the different gearbox heights.

The intermediate layer is easily and ergonomically folded up or down in a manner that is easy on the back by means of a newly developed roller system.

Overall dimensions

1.140 x 860 x 1.080 mm (L x B x H)

Height of 550 mm when folded up

Height of 550 mm when folded up


Net weight 130 kg
Load 6 drives
Stacking factor 1 + 3