Innovation, flexibility and optimum utilization of transport space are not just words for us. We have made a name for ourselves in more than 30 years with our outstanding expertise in special designs.

Special load carriers

Special load carriers

Own Innovations

Do you have unusual requirements for the transport systems in your company?

Then you are like most of our customers. As an innovative partner to the automotive industry, we are ready for your complex tasks. We develop, plan and manufacture transport containers and special load carriers, individually adapted to our customer’s needs.

In addition to the requirements for use and function of each development, we always keep an eye on economic efficiency. We establish our projects from the 3D design to the first prototype to series production and lead to unique projects in exchange with our customers.

What drives us? We want to continuously develop our products and thus always meet the challenges that ergonomics, environmental protection and sustainability bring with them.
Because we stand for innovation.

Folding transport containers

Robot-compatible special load carrier for heavy, highly complex components

  • Foldable
  • Stackable
Dangerous and hazardous goods container
For the safe transport of dangerous goods such as batteries, airbags, etc …
  • BAM Container
  • Foldable
  • Stackable
Disposable Packaging
Customized disposable special load carriers
as alternate or disposable packaging.
Optionally consisting of wood, steel and plastic, or combinations thereof.
Sophisticated plug-in system for tool-free separability.
  • Customized
  • Separable without tools

Special load carriers

In our factory in Berching we design custom-made special load carriers and transport containers for the automotive, space and aviation industry.
We take time for profound discussions (for intensive discussions) with our customers.
Only when we have fully understood your requirements, we develop custom-made products that exactly match your individual needs. Many years of experience, innovative ideas and the use of the latest technologies are the best prerequisites for us to implement your wishes perfectly.

Shell and body container
For transporting individual sheet metal and aluminum parts or even as a completely assembled car body
  • Stackable
  • Foldable
Assemblies containers
Suitable for automated manufacturing processes.
High protection of all parts that need to be mounted on the vehicle and aircraft.
  • Stackable
  • Drawers
  • Roller blind
JIS – containers
Mobile special containers, which can be individually equipped with different components according to the customer’s production process
  • Stackable
  • For multiple component variants
  • Mobile
Automatisierte Behälter
Containers that are mainly used in fully automated manufacturing processes.
  • Stackable
  • Automated

Forklift free transport systems

Our customers from the automotive and aviation industries move sensitive goods. We understand their requirements exactly and know how important is the safe transport of your products.
We support your automated processes. Our forklift free transport systems are precisely adapted to your requirements and are characterized above all by productivity and efficiency in the flow of materials.
Mobile systems that can be flexibly equipped ensure the best possible transport. Like this we not only optimize the logistics processes, but also effectively prevent expensive damage to your sensitive products at the same time.

Industrial shuttle
The trailer with interchangeable trailer for intralogistics processes
  • Can be towed by any commercially available, suitable tractor unit
  • Loading and unloading possible from both sides
  • Optimum maneuverability due to transmission of the steering movement
    to front and rear axle
  • 100% directional stability
  • TÜV certified
Autonomous shuttle trailer
Autonomous trailer system with fully automatic loading and unloading
  • Fully automatic change of the load onto the roller base
  • True to track and very manoeuvrable even with large loads
Forklift-less transport system for material supply at the production line
  • Loading and unloading on one side
  • True to track and extremely maneuverable even in very narrow travel paths
  • Roller coasters and dollies are lifted pneumatically during operation

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